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New Things, Big Things, Great Things

Hello wonderful people,

I have some good news and some bad news–but I think the net result is pretty great. The good news is that yesterday I started as a Staff Writer for Jezebel! The bad news is that I shall no longer be writing¬†on this site. I want to be able to focus my efforts now that I am actually getting paid to write the things you’ve enjoyed for the past year, I want to put all my energy into it.

The best part about this is that you can now find my work over at Jezebel everyday. If that’s not enough KB for you, then make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and I’ve been known to dabble in some Tumblr action as well. So please keep in touch and know that I’ve appreciated you reading the words that I’ve written over here very, very much. Thank you xBeyonce and I look forward to your eyeballs over at Jezebel.


p.s. For all my Catfish peeps, this does unfortunately mean no more of my brilliant recaps. However, I will do my best to continue to live-tweet the show every week which is almost as good.

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