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What We Learned From Last Night’s Episode of Catfish

Last night we got a bit of old school Catfish action with the story of John and Kelsey. John met Kelsey in an online chat room and developed a relationship despite never speaking on the phone or video chatting. Kelsey’s excuse for not wanting to video chat was that she has body dysmorphic disorder and doesn’t feel comfortable. That might be totally understandable if she didn’t post numerous pictures of herself in a bikini on the Internet. I mean, who knows? I certainly can’t claim to be an expert on body dysmorphia but that just seems….odd.

We are also introduced to Adam, another chat room member and his “girlfriend” (they’ve never met or video chatted) Ellie who both claim to know Kelsey from the chat room. Unfortunately for John, Kelsey is actually Adam, who made up the account to keep John away from Ellie after he noticed some flirting between the two of them.

On one hand, John handled the news quite well and wasn’t nearly as angry as Adam hoped he would be, which is good. On the other, dude was basically giving Adam a pep talk in the end about how he’s too smart to be Catfishing people so maybe there is such a thing as being too easy going. What was particularly funny about this episode was the hilariously petty reactions of Nev and Max. After discovering that Adam was a sham, they decided to tattle to Ellie that her boyfriend was a big liar. I suppose it could be spun that they were doing her a favor, but it also kinda seemed that they were just pissed that Adam has screwed them out of a good story line and wanted to get back at him. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t work at all and Ellie and Adam are still “together.” Boo.

Computer knowledge does not beget intelligence

catfish john kelsey adam

(via MTV)

Nev and Max made a big deal about John working in IT. They seemed think that regular contact with a computer made him smart and therefore unable to be Catfished. They also tend to say something similar anytime someone has an Apple computer. It is 2014. A lot of people work in IT.  And “working in IT” can mean a lot of things. Basic competency with a computer does not mean someone is smart. It means they are a millennial.

Nev and Max apparently don’t know what they signed up for

catfish john kelsey adam

(via MTV)

Clearly their “thing” this season is to get irrationally angry at the Catfishes and storm off like it was completely unexpected that people can be assholes. Do they know what show they’re on? Because this is season 3. We aaaallll know the drill. It’s kind of nice that they continue to hold on to this idea that they’re helping people find love, but at this point, those story lines are few and far, far between. At one point, Nev called the whole thing “a waste.” Is it though? Or is this episode airing on national television right now? Tell me.

MTV pays the Catfishes to apologize

catfish john kelsey adam

(via MTV)

I mean, I have to assume. When Adam was first busted, he was acting ruurrrrrl reckless. He basically had two middle fingers in the air like “Yeah I made it all up. What? What?” Like most of the psychotic liars on this show, he showed absolutely no remorse and blamed it all on wanting to have a lil fun. Adam was basically a reincarnation of a Justin Bieber deposition.

Then, like 24 hours later, he’s looking all sad and saying that he duped John because he didn’t want him hitting on his Internet girlfriend Ellie and he’s just insecure and blah blah blah. Maybe that is all true. Or maybe a very smart Catfish producer with a degree in creative writing from Oberlin slipped him a script with check stuck between the pages. I DUNNO.

This cannot happen to anyone

catfish john kelsey adam

(via MTV)

Nev and Max looooove to say this. And they kept repeating this falsehood to John, I guess to make him feel better. I feel like they both think that just because it happened to Nev, the whole world must be susceptible to being Catfished. I can tell you at least one person this wouldn’t happen to: Me. I can say with complete confidence that I would not start talking to a stranger in a chat room and develop a relationship with them without ever speaking to them on the phone or seeing them either on live video or in person. Call me crazy, but that is a statement I feel more than comfortable making.

2 thoughts on “What We Learned From Last Night’s Episode of Catfish

  1. I can’t help but think most of the extra-evil Catfishers just seem like diagnosable sociopaths! I can’t believe Nev has the patience and the empathy to actually work with them.

  2. When a show/career that is your life and you actually care gets treated like a joke by too many people in a row I can understand the short fuse.

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