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Bad Bitch: Kerry Washington

Bad Bitch Kerry Washington

It’s difficult for me to contain my love for this woman, but I wouldn’t really want to anyway. I have a certified Scandal obsession and I’ve loved Kerry Washington since her Save the Last Dance days. (Hearing her say “flava” STILL KILLS ME every time.) It’s undeniable that she is on top of her game right now but she’s always had this glow and knowing look as though she was patiently waiting for the rest of the world to recognize what a bad bitch she is.

I kind of hate using this word in earnest because I think it comes off as a bit trite, but she’s just so classy. She always looks classy. She sounds classy. She does classy things. She’s self-aware and says smart things about race. AND SHE’S BOMB.COM GORGEOUS.

If all that wasn’t enough, Kerry was just nominated for a primetime Emmy making her the first black actress nominated in the lead drama category since Cicely Tyson was nominated in 1995. And if she wins, she’ll be the first black actress ever to do so, which is amazing and sad at the same time. Either way, Kerry has made history.

It sucks that so many black women in the public sphere end up “representing” black woman as a whole. There aren’t enough of us in films and on magazine covers and making decisions so those that do become especially important. But I’ll be goddmaned if she isn’t the perfect woman to do so. If anyone has to represent the scope, beauty and depth of black womanhood, it’s Kerry Washington.

By loving Kerry, I also love Olivia Pope who is just the baddest bitch to ever come into existence. Seeing her storm down a hallway in a perfect white suit ready to lay shit down makes my heart flutter.

Bad Bitch Kerry Washington


Kerry and Shonda Rhimes (who, trust, I will get to another time) have got white women wanting to be a black woman. If that doesn’t make you a bad bitch for life I don’t know what does.

She is just everything. Bow down.

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