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Kris Jenner is a Lunatic

This woman needs help. For real for real for real.

Someone gave Kris Jenner a daytime talk show because we no longer care about the well-being of society anymore. To drum up interest for the television equivalent of  the atomic bomb, she posted this picture on Facebook:

With the caption: “You never know who will stop by our show today!”

Obviously we’re supposed to believe that the baby she’s holding is North West. For weeks it’s been reported that North’s first public appearance would be on Kris’ show–rumors that were undoubtedly started by Kris herself.

HOW.EVER, according those who have seen the episode, the baby in her arms is actually her stylist’s baby, not her granddaughter.

Kris Jenner North West

(via Reality TVGIFS)


For the love of God, woman. Babies are not props. They are living, breathing creatures who can’t yet give their consent to be involved in the fucktarded schemes of greedy, opportunistic adults. I, of course. blame this baby’s mother for allowing this to happen in the first place, but I can’t imagine it would be easy saying no to your boss–particularly when she’s the lunatic that is Kris Jenner. This woman has her own progeny to exploit! Why does she have to ensnare other people’s children in her web of shameless idiocy?

This isn’t funny. This isn’t normal. This should not be happening.

You know Kanye is just sitting at home watching this shit with his head in hands trying to figure out how he can legally flee the country with his daughter.

DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW. Do not encourage this mentally ill woman. SOMEONE GET HER SOME HELP.

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