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Bad Bitch: Wendy Davis



Last night Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis walked into the Texas Senate and fucked. shit. up.

In response to an anti-abortion bill that would effectivly close nearly all abortion clinics in the state of Texas, (because fuck women and their well-being, right?) Wendy embarked on an 11-hour filibuster to kill the bill. Along the way, she was subjected to the utter, illogical bullshit that you would expect from old white men in the Texas Senate. The worst of which had to be when Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst stopped the filibuster by ruling that Wendy’s discussion of mandatory ultrasounds was NOT GERMANE.


Someone, preferably with a medical degree, please explain to me how ULTRASOUNDS are not relevant to the topic of abortion. OH YEAH, THEY’RE COMPLETELY RELEVANT YOU IGNORANT TROLLS. Guys, I think I know the problem here, men in the Texas Senate don’t actually know what an ultrasound or an abortion is. That must be it, right? Because if not, then they really are the slimiest sons of bitches we have roaming this country.

Like a bad bitch warrior queen, Wendy was on her feet for thirteen hours without food, drink or bathroom breaks. In her pink sneakers, homegirl held her ground with help from the other logical members of the Senate.



Now, we can’t forget two other bad bitches who were in the house last night, supporting Wendy throughout the ordeal and just straight up killing it.

Judith Zaffirini



And Leticia Van De Putte who came directly from her FATHER’S FUNERAL to handle this mess.



Let me tell you something about Leticia: She is going to take crap from you the day after never. This woman illuminated and smacked down the sexism of the men in the senate, asking:

“At what point must a female senator raise her hand or her voice to be recognized over her male colleagues?”

YES GIRL YES. If these are not some of the baddest bitches alive, then none exist. It was beautiful. Major props also to the Senate audience who stopped the proceedings for the last fifteen minutes with their cheers of support, bringing it all home.

I can’t even get into the mess that followed where these men attemped to BREAK THEIR OWN RULES by voting on the bill after midnight even though the filibuster had gone through. The same rules that they had been holding Wendy to all damn day. Watching these punks grasp at scraps of influence and power and technicalities was pathetic and terrifying mostly because it almost worked.

LISTEN UP OLD WHITE GUYS: You do not want to be on the wrong side of history. You do not want to be remembered as the selfish, sexist, science-denying clowns who felt that they had some sort of right to govern the bodies and health of women in this country. Your days are numbered and we will not be putting up with this bullshit forever. All you did last night was re-energize support for the issue. You are pushing us much too far. We’ve been polite for a long time now because you’ve managed to institutionally silence us and we need you for babies, BUT THERE IS ALWAYS A BREAKING POINT. And when our army, led by Wendy Davis and Beyonce comes for our rights, you better pray that we don’t remember seeing your faces in this storm of idiocy because things will not end well for you.

Consider that a threat.

By the way, congratulations, Texas. You are the new Florida–at least until they acquit George Zimmerman.

Wendy Davis y’all.

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